Architecture is a natural choice for me, as creation is a powerful skill and by formulating our own unique creations, we may endeavor to create a parallel between our imagination and the world in which we live.
I am passionate about art and helping people and I am pursuing architecture as a profession because I see it as a career path where the two meets.
My architectural interests not fixed to any aesthetic or typology.
I work under the concept of, Sustainable design for a better living future with application of Mathematics and Algorithms in architecture.
I received my B.Sc. in Architecture from the faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University in 2010
My graduation project was about sustainable design (The World Sustainability Center) describing the way architectural form dealt with natural powers and sustainable techniques.
From My early Beginnings with architecture, I used to participate in architectural competitions and I have awarded in most of them.

I am fond of scientific architectural approach, where we can integrate ecology and mathematics and to apply this through fabrication and real scaled models. 
-an architect >>> faculty of fine arts department ofarchitecture with a degree of ( still student )

-certified from microsoft >>>kit education center for completing the requirements of 
3dsmax with excellencedegree.

-certificate details:3ds max 8.0 fundamentals ,advanced3ds max 8.0, advanced animation , character design and animation , advanced lighting and materials , visual and sound effects.

-certified from microsoft>>>new horizons center for completing the requirements of 
Adobe photoshop cs2 level 1,2.

-certified from microsoft>>>the arab academy for science and technology for completing the requirments of 
autodesk revit architecture 2010

architecture site training course with the arab contractors company (osman ahmed osman) with excellence degree.

architecture site training course with alexandria conestruction company(talaat mostafa)

design office training with dr.mohamed wahba , participated in the winning team of the competition (el mansora faculty design ) second prize

design office training with dr.Alaa ,participated in the team applying for the competition (devolopment of gamal abd el naser home) hounarable mentaion

-faculty summer training in architecture projects and sites management.

For my works i use dozen of stuff to make my photos (3dsmax - photoshop - vray - mental ray - autocad - revit architecture - illustrator - after effects - premier - ecotect - sketch up - autodesk impression  -microsoft programmes)

  • Architectural Visualization
Interior, Exterior Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering. Still Shots and Walkthrough Animations.
3ds max , photoshop , revit architecture , autocad 
render engines: v-ray , mental ray
helpful programes : ecotect , sketch up  ,autodesk impression ,microsoft programes >>>word , power point

  • graphic design:
photoshop , illustrator , indesign , sketching
  • matte painting:>>>learning in progress
photoshop , sketching

  • Multimedia production>>> learning in progress
adobe after effects , adobe premier , 3ds max , photoshop

Thank you for stopping by! I'll update soon, promise :) ..... karim elnabawy


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