My Latest Architectural international Design Competition - 2016 - Mekano Studio

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10 Must-Do Tips to Win in Architectural Competitions

I want to share with you a must-do tips in architectural design competitions as Competitions will always remain the main source of inspiration and motivation for all young and experienced architects in our evolving field. I have participated in more than 16 international competition in the past 7 years that were in Italy, USA, Germany, Serbia, Greece, U.A.E, Afghanistan, Korea, and Egypt, this variety made me more certain that architectural competitions can deepen the architectural versatility for architects and allow for more exposure to different cultures. Architectural competitions are the right platform to test your limits of creativity and to design with a free-mind to deliver works from your own point-of-view without the restrictions of a regulation or a code that limits your creativity and lowers your enthusiastic passion. In 10 simple points, this article will help you step up your game and get the most out of Architectural competitions. ..........................................…
i just passed LEED ID+C (LEED for interior Design & Construction) exam today with a score of 183/200 to be my second LEED Credential smile emoticon
Dear hard work, Thank you!
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Existing Buildings Retrofitting, Stakeholders and their roles

We are living in existing structures, built environment is our present, while most of the new constructions are green buildings, we are heading for a greener and sustainable future, and as a result we should realize how the built environment impacts our daily life to emphasize the importance of sustainability improvement in existing buildings.

We can raise the debate of either emphasizing existing buildings development against the importance of greening the future, while the comparison looks strange, but it’s a comparison between which one has the most impact on our life, our present or our future.
New constructions can have carbon savings compared to conventional buildings, but it will never match the savings of retrofitted existing building in terms of energy efficiency as a percentage.
Stakeholders are all the people who have an interest or any relation with the building and they should all participate in improving sustainability in the building, this includes owners of the facili…

ازاى تنجح فى امتحان الليد - 10 نصائح

LEED Green Associate – 10 Tips & Tricks ازاى تنجح فى امتحان الليد نقط مهمة هتساعد اى حد انه ينجح فى الامتحان من أول مرة لو اتعملوا بشكل مظبوط
10- LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook دى اول حاجة هتتعمل, قراية الفايل ده كويس جدا, وده نازل مجانى للناس الى عايزه تدخل الامتحان وهتلاقوه على اللينك ده:
وده فيه معلومات عامة عن الامتحان وعن طريقة التسجيل وازاى اختار مكان للامتحان واعمل ايه يوم الامتحان واذاكر ايه بالظبط, ولازم ارجع تانى للفايل ده قبل الامتحان باسبوع علشان اتأكد انى مش ناسى حاجة. 9- Study Guides تانى حاجة لازم يكون الموضوع ملموم عارف كويس ايه الى هذاكره علشان اقدر احدد انا محتاج وقت اد ايه للمذاكرة فى مواقع كتير بتقدم كتب وكورسات لليد وكلهم كويسين لكن انا بأفضل حاجة من الاتنين دول: ده اول كتاب وده حوالى 285 صفحة, يعتبر شامل لانه مجمع كل الى المفروض يتذاكر او ممكن ييجى فى الامتحان الا بعض الاستثناءات وده هيسهل كتير على الى هيذاكر منه الكتاب ا…