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10 Must-Do Tips to Win in Architectural Competitions

I want to share with you a must-do tips in architectural design competitions as Competitions will always remain the main source of inspiration and motivation for all young and experienced architects in our evolving field. I have participated in more than 16 international competition in the past 7 years that were in Italy, USA, Germany, Serbia, Greece, U.A.E, Afghanistan, Korea, and Egypt, this variety made me more certain that architectural competitions can deepen the architectural versatility for architects and allow for more exposure to different cultures. Architectural competitions are the right platform to test your limits of creativity and to design with a free-mind to deliver works from your own point-of-view without the restrictions of a regulation or a code that limits your creativity and lowers your enthusiastic passion. In 10 simple points, this article will help you step up your game and get the most out of Architectural competitions. ..........................................…